Studies have shown that positive support is beneficial to people who have been affected by cancer. Within a support group, you are offered a place to connect with others who have had similar experiences as yours and can share your own concerns. This will help you cope with the situation – during and after treatment and help you build strength and resilience and find hope. We welcome cancer patients and their families to Kisumu Cancer Support Group. 


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Support Group

What we do in the support group


It is an in-person forum where patients share their stories, reflect on their experiences, voice their concerns, provide resources and connect with others undergoing similar experiences.

Members offer each other comfort, support, information, and suggestions for coping with potential challenges during and after treatment.

Many people who have attended a support group say it helps to talk to others who have gone through a similar experience. Others have commented that being around people who understand the stituation helped them overcome the sense of isolation they had experienced.




Patient Navigation


We offer navigation and also personal guidance for patients, their families, and caregivers as they move through complex care systems. In cancer care, patient navigation is helpful and ensures timely diagnosis and treatment, and provides support when patients run into challenges along the way. Our team comprises of Nurses, Social Workers and Volunteers.