Support a patient

Do you know that $5 is enough for one session of Chemotherapy, Yes $5 is enough to pay for Chemotherapy treatment for a month. Many patients from poor families discontinue their treatment due to lack of money, a number of communities in sub Saharan Africa are living on one meal a day therefore paying for treatment cost is  a nightmare. We are bridging the gap by registering patients on National Medical Cover which help them in finishing their treatment in time without Stopping.  


Your support to this project will bring hope beyond Cancer to many patients, Yes you can bring hope today 


Thank you for  donating to this project.  

Kisumu Cancer support group



Patient Accomodation  Advocacy                                patient wellness centre     

Cancer Screening 

Cancer Walk         

Other Support

Pay National Insurence Fund (NHIF)          $60

Transport                    $10

Accomodation            $20

Morphine                    $10

Fruits                            $5           

 Medication                  $50